Monday, May 16, 2011

Wreckless Conduct: The Scent of Failure

Some progress shots of level building toolkit + Unity Editor + beating head on keyboard looks like. Finally got some kind of mouse click system which instantiates a prefab in the scene window.

For those interested, the code looks a little like this:

 //OnScenGUI is how the Editor handles events in the scene window
function OnSceneGUI() {
    //  Handles are like Gizmos
   // Draw cube at 0,0,0 when level builder is on
    Handles.color =;
    Handles.CubeCap(0,, Quaternion.identity, 0.5);
    if(editMode) {
        if(Event.current.type == EventType.MouseDown) {
            if(Event.current.button == 0) {
                var ray = HandleUtility.GUIPointToWorldRay(Event.current.mousePosition);
                var dist : float;
                // Cast a ray on a "fake" plane (The Plane class in Unity is a "Representation of planes")
                // If ray hits the plane (grid stand in), use the current mouse position to instantiate our prefab
                if(grid.Raycast(ray, dist)) {
                    var pos : Vector3 = ray.origin + ray.direction.normalized * dist * 0.5;
                    Debug.Log("Placed fab at: " + pos);
                   // Using EditorUtility.InstantiatePrefab does stop me from creating clones of my prefab
                  // I could still use Instantiate(gameObject, pos, Quaternion.identity) here as well
                    var currentPiece : GameObject = EditorUtility.InstantiatePrefab(target.currentFab);
                 // Seems like the line below is causing some problems
                    currentPiece.transform.position = pos;

                }//END grid Raycast
            }//END Mouse Left Click
        // Prevent deselection of object while in Edit Mode
         Selection.activeGameObject = target.transform.gameObject;

    }//END In Edit Mode

}//END OnSceneGUI

Failure is listed down below, I'm getting worried about how long this is all taking so any suggestions are most welcome.

Edit: I've sort of resolved the fragmenting of prefabs, it had to do with my invoking of particular functions. I will be working on the functionality of the level builder.

This one is a little old but it does show that I've resolved a strange problem with the math that determined where a collider positioned itself and when you resized buildings.

For funs:
Minecraft - Unity Style. Also has a playable demo.

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