Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Flatpack World

The level builder has gotten bit of an upgrade since its last mention. Inicus' Tile Interpret system has been intergrated.

To cut down on processing time, it will only work on cubes that are selected with the level builder.

I have to recheck some code but you can still make non-retangular shaped buildings.

Particular walls on the buildings can now spawn props onto them. It still need some work as some walls have a tendancy to spawn props out of bounds. But media heavy and congested buildings are coming.

I'm working on a level now. It's still at grey box level. I'll be looking for test drivers tommorrow so if you want to give it a spin, come and ask me. (I learnt yesterday that System.IO.FileInfo.Delete is one of .Net features that aren't supported by Unity's web builds.)

Nag naggity nag

Some graduation house keeping. Thank you to those who did fill in the form that I emailed you all (unless your email broke then you are excused and should ask for an explanation) and those you did find some time to go over the docs with their game descriptions and crew details. You spared me some time.

So I'm going to assume you (who haven't gotten around to it) are happy with the details listed below:

- Contact Details (This is a spreadsheet with names and emails)
- Carrom
- Knight Marshal
- Canon Courier

If you have had other people working on your games, make some effort to credit them. If I haven't gotten your roles right, then fix it or tell me to fix it. I'm still waiting on images for the Graduate DVD book, my deadline for this is getting closer and I have a lot to do for Wreckless so any effort is much appreciated.

If you don't want to donate or participate in any of the fundraising for the End of Year show, then can you let me know. I need to get an idea of numbers so I can gracefully write a letter to Michele and Herman telling them that (potentially all at this point) Gamers aren't going to be doing anything for the End of Year show.

Here's some Mana Bar figures as from this document. The Mana Bar can hold up to 60 people.

Booking out the Mana Bar on the 22nd November (End of Year show night) will cost:
- $1000 bar tab (5pm - 8pm)
- $2000 bar tab (5pm - 12pm)

Booking out the Mana Bar for Friday/Saturday nights will cost:
- $1500 bar tab (5pm - 8pm)
- $3000 bar tab (5pm - 12pm)

Booking out the Mana Bar for Sunday nights will cost:
- $600 bar tab (5pm - 8pm)
- $1500 bar tab (5pm - 12pm)

- Between an additional $200 - 800 for food (depending on your choices for food)

If you don't get your Griffith email: there's some Industry thing that Griffith's holding on the 13th of September at the Ship Inn. You need to RSVP a spot via HERE. Not guarantee that you'll get in.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wreckless Conduct: Copy and Pasting Animations

Copying and pasting animations for the rigs in Wreckless now goes something like this:

For the curious, there are about 54 items in the current rig that are used to animate. With the tool, we only have to copy animations from 9 of these objects.

Open up unanimated rig.

Import the animated rig.

Find and select the animated rig's "Root" node. Then copy the animations from it.

Find and select the unanimated rig's "Root" node. Paste the animations to it.

As the script's not in control of importing the rig, I haven't added any capabilities to find and match names of the 2 rigs. You also have to copy and paste for all the IK handles and rig controls. This does cut down the process to about 1 minute so I can't complain. The best part, most of the work is done in 4 lines of code which look like this:

proc CopyKeys() {
string $sourceRoot[] = `ls -selection`;
copyKey -time ":" -option keys -hierarchy below -controlPoints 1 -shape 1 {$sourceRoot[0]};
}//END CopyKeys

proc PasteKeys() {
string $rootNode[] = `ls -selection`;
pasteKey -option replaceCompletely -copies 1 -connect 0 -timeOffset 0 -floatOffset 0 -valueOffset 0 {$rootNode[0]};
}//END PasteKeys