Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Freeplay 2012 - Crowdfunding


The Freeplay Independent Games Festival 2012 could not have happened without the hard work of all its organisers, sponsors and volunteers, they deserve many thanks. All work and words are copyrighted their respective owners and effort has been made to accurately record every speaker and the content presented. These notes are not from any official channel associated with Freeplay and are for the purposes of providing information.

All notes are available in full via: Dropbox (PDF Download). The PDF will be updated in the next few weeks so check back if you need updates.


- Funds gained via crowdfunding a counted as taxable income by the ATO
- Grants are also taxable income
- Crowdfunding is not just about funds
                - It's about the crowd (the people who support or are going to support you)
- Crowdfunding is more difficult than traditional funding
                - Your project is going to get most of its funding at the beginning
                - This will drop off as the campaign progresses
- Utilise social networks
- Set a realistic goal and targets
- Use videos and screenshots to sell your project
- Show demo of your project
- Be persistent
- Manage expectations accordingly
                - Don't over promise
                - Don't promise anything until you know where you stand
                - Be transparent about what you are doing and how the project is going
                - Project can't go over the quality that can be produced by you
- Plan your PR pitches during the crowdfunding campaign
- Organise your address book
                - Important when you need to thank supporters using email or positing rewards to them
- Include postage cost into reward price
- Remember to send rewards to your supporters
- Consider digital ignition grants

Notes about Rocket Hub
- You still get funds even if you don't meet your goal
- Rocket Hub takes an approx 4% commission
- Rocket Hub can wire money to international accounts

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