Friday, March 11, 2011

Link Dump

#AltDevBlogADay has a new website which is much easier to use.

GDC Vault - Free videos from GDC.

DICE Presentations from this year's GDC. - They are an offshoot of EA so they will be discussing things about AAA title production.

Please Finish Your Game by Chris Hecker - (I will watch it sometime but I've been told it is important viewing)

Postmortem, Gamasutra style - Lessons learnt from production and release of games.

Space-Shooter Postmortem - Lessons learnt from a student producing a spaceship game and it comes with source code.

Kongregate Unity Game Winners - Unity and Kongregate had a competition and these are the results.

Jasmine showed me Space Invaders Infinity Gene, a very cool reboot of a classic which reminded me of Upgrade Complete

Demystifying trademarks and games - Stuff about copyright, logos and trademarks that you might want to think about.

12 business tips for indie game developers by Paul Taylor of Mode7

Extra Consideration: Console Gaming - Opinions piece from MovieBob, Yahtzee, and James Portnow.

Gaming can make a better world by Jane McGonigal - An interesting take on serious gaming and games as work.

Shadow Shoppe - A game prototype that is also a survey on how people associated character traits with body shape.

Da Font and Blambot are places that I use to look for fonts.

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